Jika diterjemah secara langsung, Mia San Mia bermaksud "We are who we are" ; "Kita adalah Diri Kita".

Namun jika dilihat dengan lebih jauh, Mia San Mia mengandung nilai-nilai falsafah yang lebih dalam maknanya seperti berikut:

1. We are one club: Our origins, growth and history are based on the shared values of a club, which we live by today.

2. We are ambassadors: We have a great responsibility to conduct ourselves appropriately at home and abroad. Every player, coach, manager and member of staff contributes to the image and public persona of the club.

3. We are role models: On and off the field, we are role models for young people. Tomorrow’s elite sports people are influenced by our attitudes and lifestyle.

4. We are tradition: We boast a long and successful history, and we have significantly shaped the way the game has developed. We can be proud of this.

5. We are innovation: We aim to improve in every aspect of our work, be it athletic, administrative, technological or in relationship-building. We learn every day, and as one of the world’s leading clubs, we aim to set standards.

6. We are self-belief: We aim to win every match. We will attack with courage for ninety minutes and impose ourselves on the match. We always seize the initiative.

7. We are diversity: Our roots and our values are shaped and fashioned by our nation’s history and development. Thanks to our cultural diversity and the experience we gain in working with our players every day, we combine our virtues with a global perspective, and improve our play.

8. We are football: Old or young, male or female, black or white, Champions League or pub team, we are football you can live and share. The ‘beautiful game’ is our calling.

9. We are respect: Players, head office staff, the board of directors, the coaching staff, helpers and the executive committee – without mutual respect, we would never have achieved our world-class status.

10. We are joy: We enjoy playing, working, winning, competing, scoring, tackling, each other’s company, and team spirit. This drives us on daily. However, we also accept defeat when it happens.

11. We are loyal: More than 12 million people in Germany declare themselves to be Bayern fans, tens of thousands travel long distances to see us play. All for 90 minutes of passion.

12. We are partners: Our relations with our fans, fan clubs, members and sponsors are partnerships, but we also want to be reliable, dependable friends. We love and grow our sport in all its facets together.

13. We are home-loving: FC Bayern Munich is at home all over the world, but we recognise our true home base.

14. We are dynamic: Our history illustrates the huge energy at Bayern. It means we believe in ourselves, and motivates us for the future.

15. We are responsibility: We will live up to our social and community responsibility in all our dealings. We will set an example in human relations. Respect, helpfulness and fairness are our duties.

16. We are family: Even after a career ends, our door is open to all. We are united for life.

Mia San Mia